Meet Us at LightFair 2022 in Las Vegas

Meet Us at LightFair 2022 in Las Vegas Dear Customers and Friends, LEADSUN sincerely invites you to the LightFair 2022 held in Las Vegas Convention Center We are proud to present the latest grid-free lighting technology and provide you with... more

Leadsun on SimpleBiz360

Leadsun on SimpleBiz360 nnovation and solutions abound during this satellite adventure to Australia The Managing Director of Leadsun takes us on his journey to discovery Sensing that technology and cost improvements could be... more

Solar Pathway Lights Focus on Walkability

Focus on Walkability ‘Can Make LGs a Population Drawcard’ Australians overwhelmingly want to live locally in walkable neighbourhoods close to parks, a new Heart Foundation study has revealed The survey also found that a sense of safety is... more

Yinnar Solar Footpath Outdoor Street Lighting

Yinnar Solar Footpath Outdoor Street Lighting “Community-led projects like this really demonstrate the benefits of transitioning to renewable energy, not only for the community but also in building a sustainable energy future for us all” –... more

Improve Lighting on Local Roads

Lighting is a huge part of road safety, not only for cars and lighting black spots but also for visibility and the safety of pedestrians With respect to pedestrians and roads in particular, according to Monash University research commissioned by... more

Leadsun Off-grid Lighting on Ticker News

Leadsun on Ticker News Street lighting assets around the world are being transformed with smart technologies to deliver increased safety, efficiency, productivity, and services Leadsun’s FREEDOM urban solar lights are an integral part of this... more

Solar Lights a Pathway Through Lockdown

Thanks to the Covid-19 many of us find ourselves in lockdown with little reprieve other than a morning potter or an evening stroll In Goulburn, thanks to what is being called Australia’s largest solar path light installation, locals can now more... more

Wondonga Council Plans Expansion of Solar Pathway Network as the Number of People Walking Increases

With more people walking and 31% of people walking more than usual during COVID-19 the Wodonga Council is doing what more councils are being urged to do–invest in solar pathway lighting Victoria Walks Executive Officer Ben Rossiter is heading... more