EDGE Wireless Control System

Internet+Solar Street Light

LEADSUN’s Internet of Things (IoT) connected Solar Street Lighting System, enables the solar street lights interconnected via network. The system consists of client end, terminal controller and gateway controller.This IoT connected street lights provides battery and solar panel information, lighting control, operation monitoring, failure warning and easy management of the street light features, thereby achieves low cost and easy monitoring.


Solar street light intelligent management application honor produced by LEADSUN. Remote monitor all the work modes of street light, easily implement light switch, brightness control, work mode switch, failure warning. One stop experience of electric map, authority management, big data analysis and grouping project management.

How it works?


Grouping Project for Management

The users can build different project groups and manage it at the same time according to different street light project demands.

Remotely Control the Switch and Lighting Adjustment

Control and configure the lights remotely from anywhere based on your seasonal requirement.

Free Switch on Working Mode

Remote free switch on the working mode to save energy consumption and prolong working time of the light according to specific project requirements.


With the GPS feature you can locate the lights on real time and get all the lighting and location.

Authority Management

Unified login password through system permission settings prevents unauthorized person to operate and keeps the system safer and reliable.

Networking Requirement

Gateway controller + Internet of things terminal module

Antenna installation

Connect the antenna to the corresponding positions according to the picture below.

Insert SIM Card

Insert the 2G/4G SIM card into the slot according to the picture. Press the button next to it to restart the gateway and then cover with the waterproof plug.